Official Mike Love press release from September 24, 2004:
After much thought, consideration and meditation I have decided to drop out of the United States Presidential election of 2004.

Unfortunately, the proverbial wind was taken out of my sails by none other than my cousin Brian Wilson. As you all know, when I first announced my candidacy back in 2002, my primary campaign promise was the official release of SMiLE. In a way I have fulfilled my primary objective as SMiLE will be released in a few days, although not in the form I had originally envisioned - as a Brian Wilson release and not a Beach Boys release. Sure, I am a little hurt. I mean, I was an instrumental part of the Beach Boys and I am a vital link to the SMiLE legacy.

With this in mind, I have a few major announcements:

  • I am setting my political sights on the State of California and am planning as running for Governor as soon as the term of the present California Governor expires. Who better to be the Governor of California than the main Beach Boy!
  • I will be running under a newly created political party called, CRAP (Crow & Corn Realization Activation Party) which will concentrate on environmental issues such as making genetically altered corn illegal and petitioning to make the state bird a crow.
  • I will be releasing a new album, entitled 'Mike Love's Smiley Smile' to coincide with my upcoming candidacy. A series of tours/political rallies will follow.
  • Finally, I will levy an addition tax on all copies of the dubious Brian Wilson Smile that are brought into the state of California. This will help alleviate the current budget crunch.

Tired of political parties that only offer empty promises? Well, the LOVE PARTY is for you! For 30+ years, Mike Love has been the genius behind the Beach Boys. He now wants to offer his services to his beloved country. Mike brought the Beach Boys to greatness and he wants to do the same for America: return it to greatness!

  • Hairpieces will now fall under medicare coverage.
  • Maharishi visits will also fall under medicare.
  • All rock bands performing live in the U.S. must cover "Kokomo"
  • "Moment of silence" at public schools to be replaced with "moment with the Maharishi".
  • Tax breaks to those with more than 4 marriages.
  • Gas pumpers around the country will be given honorary, high paying government jobs.
  • Beach Boys "revisionalist history" to be taught at all public schools.
  • Tax breaks will be given for those who purchase Mike Love solo albums.

    and most importantly...

  • MIKE will guarantee the issue of the SMiLE album!

Here's our victory cabinet:

Mike Love

Vice President:
Bruce Johnston

Secretary of State:
The Maharishi

in addition to...


Comments? Ideas? Well, join the LOVE Love political party!

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The committee to elect Mike Love President 2004

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